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Equipment Rental

We take great pride in offering the film industry the safest stunt equipment available. We are constantly striving to update and maintain our equipment to the highest level possible. By sending qualified people out with the equipment, we can assure its maintenance and integrity. All equipment is cleaned and inspected upon its return to the facility and before it leaves on the next job. Our Manhattan equipment center offers the ideal place to test complicated rigging. We look forward to helping you create the movie magic Hollywood is known for.

Address for all pickups and returns: 420 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065

4’ x 8’ x 2 1/2″ Stunt Mats (folding)

Perfect for any martial arts and competition area. Our take-down mats are made with Velcro on all four sides so you can easily and quickly create an area or fit into an existing space.
$60.00 per day each.

4′ x 8′ x 4″ Stunt Mats

Lightweight 4″ fall pads cushion comfortably, are easy to transport and position, and are built to last. Excellent for falls behind furniture.
$70.00 per day each.

4′ x 8′ x 8″ Stunt Landing Mats

Perfect alternative when more protection is required then that provided by the 4″ thick mats. Fits into places where the thicker 24″ pit mat would be too large or impractical.
$80.00 per day each.

4′ x 5′ x 24″ Stunt Pit Mats

Our 24″ pit mats are filled with layered and channeled poly-foam, which provides optimal air expulsion.
$150.00 per day each.


8 Ft. Round Trampoline $100.00 per day
10 Ft. Round Trampoline $100.00 per day
12 Ft. Round Trampoline $125.00 per day
14 Ft. Round Trampoline $125.00 per day
9′ x 15′ Rectangular Folding Trampoline $300.00 per day

Mini Tramp

Adjusts to desired performing angle with easy spring loaded pins and spin locks for safety. Adjusts from 16″ to 21″ high. Easy to fold and compact to store 36″ x 36″ frame and 20″ x 20″ bed.
$100.00 per day.

Stunt Mats
Air Ram
Air Ratchet
Air Bags
Hang and Jerk Vests
Fire Gel and Nomex Suits
Spring Boards
Rigging Equipment
Stunt Dummies
Rubber Props
Breakaway Bottles

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