Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 5:00pm
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Training Facility:
73 West Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: (917) 548-5461, Fax: (212) 752-5105, E-Mail:


My first weekend away to NYC the goal for my friend Tracey & I was that if we weren’t superiorly exhausted & barely able to board the plane we weren’t successful. Well NY has so much to offer thrill seekers such as we and Hollywood Stunts NYC not only DELIVERED it went way beyond our expectations. Immediately upon arrival we just knew this was going to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. Signed up for their High Falls Stunt Jumping class and our trainer was simply a rock star, so patient with us while we master the proper technique of falling off scaffolding. Not as easy as one would think so just relax & do as they do, then we graduated to the jumping portion. AWESOME, nothing can describe the free fall feeling especially knowing you land on a HUGE crash mat filled with air. Felt like a kid in a monstrous bounce house but for adults! Going to NY, this is a DEFINITE for anyone’s list, you simply CANNOT miss it! Truth from two crazy middle aged gals from the upper Midwest!!!      “Skbc Reese”

Had an absolute blast at the 3 day boot camp. Thank you everyone at Hollywood Stunts.      “Mel Trogs

The coolest place I’ve ever been too, it was so much fun going to the one week intensive, I can’t wait to visit again soon!   “Angela Salvatore”

Came here today for the fighting for film class! It was so much fun, and I learned a lot.      “Devin Miranda-Weise Klugh”

If you like a little adventure, this is an absolute must. Seems scary, but it’s totally safe and a complete scream. I think the slight scariness factor helps everyone in the class immediately get along, so it winds up being a fun opportunity to meet other interesting people, too. I went solo, but it probably makes for a great date as well. Should be on everyone’s bucket list.         “MAC J.”

Walking down the drive way of dirt and bricks past the industrial factories of Greenpoint already sets the scene for a promising movie. The first person we met there was Bob a man that looks like he has seen it all and done it all in the movie biz, a man of few words who says hi and asks us to sign waivers. Another good sign for an adventure seeker… waivers. The place is a huge open space with all kinds of equipment for becoming a professional stuntman. Adorned with movie posters, closed street signs of previous movies and signed jeans of alums that graduated the course. The staff that trained us to fall the hollywood way was friendly and fantastic. Bring a friend that’s afraid of heights that’s willing or wanting to conquer it. I had my girlfriend with me and It was entertainment the whole way. By the end I was jumping out into the bag with my arms flailing, legs kicking, screaming like i was on fire. Like a pro…
This is definitely a hidden gem for even the locals and New Yorkers that have been here their entire lives.         “DAVID M.”

We all had so much fun at Hollywood Stunts. The staff was so amazing. I would totally take the High Falls class again In fact, I might even sign up for their 3-Day intensive. It was such a great time. Thanks so much to the amazing staff!          “DREW P.”

We booked a 2 hr High Falls/Trampoline class for our daughters’ 14th bday. It was an absolute blast! Bob, the owner, and the 3 other instructors were enthusiastic, warm and super encouraging. I had no intention of trying the high fall, but lo and behold, an hour later there I am free falling from three stories with a huge smile on my face while I scream expletives 3 seconds before hitting the mat. And I did it a bunch of times. It was exhilarating. I kept saying, “I can’t believe I did it”, hours after the day ended. The girls jumped on the trampoline as well and learned some cool maneuvers. I would definitely recommend trying this place out. Fun. Fun, Fun.         “LIZ G.”

The High Falls class was awesome! We started out learning the proper way to fall onto a pile of mats and once every one was comfortable and the instructors (2 of them) were happy with how everyone was landing, we progressed to the higher falls. We did a few from the 20 foot and a few from the 30 foot. It was such a cool experience, you really felt like you were a stunt person. Def. recommend!         “Nicole Fernandez”

Awesome experience! Great adrenaline rush! Feel like a badass for an hour or two PRICELESS!          “Melissa Mowery”

Bob  (the owner) is a great guy and has taught me a lot over the last 2 years. I started off taking the 3 week intensive there in April 2013. I had great experiences there. I learned how to fight for film, fight with weapons, stair falls, car hits, high falls, and I even did a fire burn! which was so awesome considering I have a huge fear of fire but bob and the other instructors made me feel really comfortable. overall the 3 week intensive introduced me to the stunt and film industry. Right after that Bob told me about The Amazing Spiderman 2 casting call so I went and got a call back for a background position. After that I kept in touch with Bob and he helped me with my stunt training and educated me about the business and how to get started. Bob also gave me opportunities to work for him. I am a gymnastics coach and an aspiring actress / stunt woman so being at Hollywood stunts and being able to teach a class there meant a lot to me. About a year after I took the 3 week course there, I was training stunts there one afternoon before I had to be on set and bob gave me this mans number and said call him and see if you can audition for his stunt shows. This man already had his auditions but since I was referred from bob he let me audition and I actually got the job!!! I signed a 9 month contract doing live stunt shows and it was a great first experience into the stunt world. If it wasn’t for Bob I wouldn’t be where i am today I wouldn’t of known where to start or who to talk to in the business. I would recommend Hollywood Stunts to any aspiring stunt person this place gives you a chance to see if its a deal or no deal for you. Its also the only stunt training center in New York! if you can get through bobs 3 week intensive then i’m pretty sure you can make it as a stunt performer. although you need hard work and dedication to get there just like any job. Bob believed in me and helped me get a couple jobs and I thank him for that. He welcomed me into his business and his stunt family. I know if I ever need anything I can always call Bob and he will always be there for me!                          “Tonimarie Chiavola”

We had SUCH an amazing experience at Hollywood Stunts and cannot say enough about it. The instructor was so patient with us as we learned proper techniques and the adrenaline was pumping in overdrive with every jump! We were looking for an out-of-the ordinary NY adventure and this delivered way beyond our expectations!!! I can’t stop talking about it and it’s generated so much buzz & interest on social media, it’s THAT cool!!! Take the subway to get there, it’s at the end of the alley, signage is very clear so no reason not to get over there and sign up for one of their awesome sessions!!!
 “McKellen Rattray”

On behalf of the World Science Festival, we would like to thank you for creating a very memorable Astronaut Training Zone at the Ultimate Science Street Fair. The set up was a huge success and it was such a pleasure to see it all come together.Thank you for all your hard work in setting it up and planning. We hope to work with you in the future. All the best, “Susan”

Love this place & the whole staff! Anyone looking to train for a career doing stunts in TV & Film…this is the place to start. I did the 3 week intensive and it was the hardest, most fun 3 weeks of my life! Nothing like getting your ass kicked, and kicking ass, for 8 hours a day. You definitely come out a different person!          “Jean Burns”

Hollywood stunts NYC is a dream come true for me. I’ve always believed becoming a stunt person was a dream job until I came here. After attending college for a year I knew that wasn’t where I was meant to be and I looked into becoming a stunt person and found Hollywood stunts. I attended the three week intensive and it was the greatest experience getting my first taste of the stunt world. The training was intense and tiring but I never dreaded going there a single day and fell more in love with it each time I went back. I went from being clueless and inexperienced to almost professional thanks to my amazing instructors and their drive to see me succeed. Hollywood Stunts is a home away from home to me and the other stunt people are my family. They are all so genuine and only look out for the best for everyone especially Bob Cotter. I have never not felt safe at any point during my training and learning to trust myself and what my body can do was absolutely fascinating. This place has helped shape me into the person I want to be and it is an unforgettable thing to endure. Hollywood Stunts is a five star facility to me and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who has ever been interested to any amount in all of the stunts offered.     “Kristen Stadtlander”

I took the Hollywood Stunts NYC 3-day intensive and then the 3-week intensive and then several high falls classes. Obviously my experience has been consistently good which is why I kept going back. The accessibility to gain experience on state-of-the-art stunt equipment is valuable to me. The air bag for the high falls is huge! I was surprised the first time I saw it blow up to 10 feet tall and filled the warehouse! Even still, a flat landing is the way to go haha! The Olympic trampoline also is one of the bounciest things I’ve ever experienced. The amount of air training you can get from an Olympic trampoline is incredible! They also have an air ratchet and air ram which is hard to gain experience on, so the fact Bob even has them is valuable. All of the hardware for rappelling is legit. Glad there’s such a great place to utilize all of this stuff in NYC!         “Paige Rhea”

Killian through the wall with burn Killian coming out. It was awesome to share this moment with my training buddy and friend Zachary Huber. A special thank you to Bob Cotter and Hollywood Stunts NYC. Best stunt training center and without it Marvel Universe Live wouldn’t be the same.
 “Andrew Mihalko”